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Conflict theory and practice, Series 1

£250.00 (tax excl.)

A short, snappy and practical online training series, which provides a clear and concise summary of ideas and approaches for working with conflict in any setting.

The course turns useful theory into applied practice tools useful for issues of conflict and stuck dynamics. It is suitable for:

  • anyone managing teams, and involved in organisational development and change
  • mediators who are looking for conflict theory and practice beyond the mediation setting
  • those whose work involves managing conflict, from therapists to frontline service staff
  • people working to bring together diverse attitudes, from workplace to community settings
  • all those interested in understanding conflicts they experience in their work and personal lives.

The course is self managed, with you deciding how you complete the 8 sessions. Each session will take between 45-90 minutes, including reflection time. You will finish the course with a personalised workbook which records your thinking as the course progresses, and a downloadable certificate of completion confirming the topics covered on the course.

‘Brilliantly translated academic theory into useful, down-to-earth, digestible understanding
to apply to work and personal life’
Housing manager, 2014

‘Extremely valuable course – unique mix of new ideas and practical applications’
Consultant, 2011


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